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Tonneau Cover Research Guide

Choosing The Right Tonneau Cover

There are many options available to you when you’re choosing a tonneau cover for your truck. We at G Hall & Sons realize that, and we want to offer you a little assistance in choosing the right one. When shopping for a tonneau cover, consider these key elements:

  • What is your tonneau cover budget?
  • What are the weather conditions in your area?
  • Do you often carry large and oversized loads?
  • How often do you need FULL access to your bed?
  • What can you spend for your tonneau cover?

Along with the wide range of tonneau cover styles and functions comes a wide range of prices. Remember that every tonneau cover we offer to you is custom made for your vehicle, protects your cargo, looks great and helps your gas mileage no matter the price.

  • When you want the basic features of a tonneau cover in a style that fits any budget, add a soft tonneau cover to your truck
  • When looks matter most in your tonneau cover decision, your best choice would be a hard tonneau cover
  • For the best possible tonneau cover security, select a hard tonneau cover or retractable tonneau cover

How often do you need full access to your truck bed?

There are some truck owners that rarely use their truck bed, then there are others who need complete access to all corners of the bed. Also, with the wide array of truck bed organizers available that store your gear, quick access from your tonneau cover can be beneficial.

  • If you need fast access in to any part of your truck bed, select a soft tonneau cover. These come in a few different styles, the most popular being the snap style. One of these tonneau covers allows you to un-snap any part of the cover, giving you access to your cargo in seconds. Another option available to you would be a tri-fold cover.
  • When fast, full access of your cargo matters most, choose a retractable tonneau cover. These are one of the most expensive options out there, but the benefits fully out weigh the cost. At the push of a button, you have full access to your cargo.
  • For use of the storage areas near the wheel wells, the back of the bed and the tailgate, a hard tonneau cover will meet your needs. Most of these models latch at the tailgate, and lift on gas shocks. These are not a good option for those out there that need full access to the bed. They are heavy, and can be cumbersome.

How often do you carry oversized loads?

Between work, weekend projects and other unforeseen tasks, your truck may have to be ready to carry some big stuff in a moment’s notice. That’s not to mention friends and loved ones who need you to help them move because you’re the only one with a pickup truck. Considering these things is an important factor in choosing the correct tonneau cover.

  • If you carry large or oversized loads that reach the height of your bed rails on a regular basis, or want to be ready when you do have to carry such loads, select a roll-up tonneau cover or a retractable tonneau cover. These options give you full access to your bed in seconds.

How much bed security do you need?

In the few minutes you’re in the bank, gas station or convenience store, your cargo or expensive tools can be stolen. Tonneau covers offer many security levels, ranging from the simple cover to remote-controlled or dual-locking devices. Protecting yourself against thievery is important.

  • If security is at an absolute must, choose a hard tonneau cover or retractable tonneau cover that locks at the tailgate.
  • If a clamped shut cover that fully conceals your cargo is enough security for you, maybe a hinged soft tonneau cover or a tri-fold cover will be enough for you.
  • When just covering your cargo meets your needs, you can go with any soft tonneau cover. The cover itself can act as a deterrent for potential thieves.

How severe is the weather where you live?

.Your truck sits outside, exposed to some of the worst weather: rain, snow, high winds and sleet. Even direct sunlight can be harmful to your. precious cargo sometimes. All tonneau covers have some measure for keeping weather out of your cargo area, but some models are tougher in more extreme bad weather situations.

  • We’re based in the mid-west, so heavy snow is a problem for us. If you live somewhere where snow piles up in great amounts, you may want to go with a hard tonneau cover. This will prevent damage to both your tonneau cover investment and your cargo.
  • In areas where winter isn’t especially mean, a soft tonneau cover with raised cross bows and a fully-adjustable sealing system will thrive
  • For added strength and security in moderate winter areas, select a retractable tonneau cover

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