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About G. Hall & Sons

Midland, Ontario

Our History

Garry Hall started distributing truck bed liners in 1987 determined to provide nothing but the best customer service to his patrons, and he has never stopped doing just that. Garry believes in developing one-on-one relationships with his customers and has personally visited many of the dealerships in Ontario and Northern Quebec. As a result, many of his customers know him personally – they even have his cell phone number!

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“Years ago, it was really hard to get good truck accessories for my customers. After finding Garry and G. Hall and Sons, I’ve never had the same problem. I can always find the accessories I need for my customers with G. Hall and Sons.” ~ S. Vincent, Ontario

Our experience is to your advantage!

For over 20 years, G. Hall and Sons has been distributing high quality truck accessories for Ford, Chevrolet, GMC, Dodge, Chrysler, Toyota, and Honda trucks and delivering those items straight to the front doors of our customers.

  • By providing the best in customer service and fast shipping, G. Hall and Sons became the largest Duraliner distributor in Canada in less than two years. You’ll only deal with the best for your truck accessory needs.
  • Soon after our success with Duraliner, we were assigned to distribute all Ford bed liners in Ontario and quickly became the top distributor for all of Canada. When you need bed liners, G. Hall and Sons is your leading Canadian supplier of choice.
  • After personally inspecting the new Torza line of tonneau top covers just five years ago, Garry Hall soon realized the product’s distinctive value. We ordered our first truckload for delivery to the Torza warehouse on the spot and have been pleasing customers like you with this high quality ever since.

As the top distributor of tonneau covers in Canada, ordering directly with G. Hall and Sons is proven to save you time and money. We deliver all over Canada, including Ontario, Quebec, and Alberta, and our prices include the freight costs so you always know exactly what you are paying.

Josh of the Customer Support line at G. Hall and Sons is amazing! I needed a particular topper for my truck delivered real quick – and he had it here right on time. Thanks Josh!” ~ Ronald Albert, Quebec

Plus, our experienced customer service agents are ready and happy to help you select the right truck accessories to meet your individual needs or the needs of your customers.

Automotive retailers and individual owners across Canada have learned they can count on high quality service and fast delivery from G. Hall and Sons … and you can too.

Midland, Ontario

To contact our service agents or submit an order, please call 1-800-368-8526 or, fill out our contact form for more information.